Impact Publicity is a Key Player in Reaching your Marketing Needs

Y our company’s public relations strategy should encompass a full spectrum of your targeted message, a creative and newsworthy means of communicating it, and a means in which to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the effectiveness of your strategy. At Impact Publicity, we take the time to listen to you and learn from you before strategizing with you.

Reach Your Audience


We possess mutually-beneficial relationships with the media that span print, broadcast and online media venues which provides the right momentum to get your story in the spotlight.

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Our long history has forged ties with prominent media outlets due to our stories relevance to their readers and the generated excitement of the message being communicated

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Our clients range from food & beverage, to entertainment.Their needs are as unique as their business and we cater to every detail to ensure success

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Arming your message with excitement and newsworthiness is what’s needed to be heard and our practices in promoting and publicizing are the key

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Reach out to us and lets get started in crafting your message to get the IMPACT it deserves

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